welcome back, detective.

here is your next mission:



investigate the disappearance of bear-tron, member of the ursidae-electronica nation.

BearTron portrait 1
BearTron portrait 2
BearTron portrait 3

3 recent photos of the missing person.

here is the data i could gather:

in this post-apocalyptic world, humans had to absorb animal dna in order to survive the harsh conditions. The ursidae-electronica nation lives in the floating mountains. this is where you should start your investigation.


panorama of this part of the world.

next to the mountains is the desolated land, a treacherous desert occupied by the bighorns, the armadillectrons, and the bisonic tribes. i would advise against passing through this desert unless absolutely necessary.

local tribes

insignia of the local tribes

the large metropolis beyond the desert, is home to a multitude of other tribes: the hawktrons, squirrelonics, shark-tronics, the butterflyoniques, the foxtrons, etc. be careful, this city is a real jungle.


on the sandbox metaverse. coordinates will follow in due time.

the sandbox metaverse


as soon as your vehicle is repaired. the damage from your last mission was not negligible.

your vehicle in the garage

origins - episode 1


teaser 2

teaser 1

cyber-punk computer terminal